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Find a Way, or Make a Way – Thoughts for January 4, 2015

Was listening to an awesome training video last night by Ray Higdon and wanted to share with you what I took from it. The name of it is Daily Mindset and Training Call from the iPAS2 PRO training module.

It was not only changing my mindset into a positive one but it gave some great ideas on just a great way of living.

Started out talking about changing my language by no longer justifying negatives, such as “I am this way because of ______”. By justifying where I am (or just settling), then I will stay where I am. Or by telling it like it IS, it will always stay the same. I need to start talking and thinking about things the way that I want them to be, the way that THEY ARE GOING TO BE. I think my favorite quote from the training was:





That one statement had been so true in my life for the longest time, I came up with reason after reason to fail, or worse…TO NOT EVEN TRY.

Ray went on to talk about a lot of other great stuff, like using note cards or your cell phone to perform daily affirmations, and that just by changing my language, that I can begin to change my surroundings.

A perfect example happened this morning, I stopped to get gas and then went inside to get a soda. It was early on a Saturday so I was the only one in there. I got my drink and took it up to the counter to pay.

“GOOD MORNING!” I said as cheerfully as can be to the young lady behind the counter.

She looked at me questioningly as if no one should be allowed to be in a good mood at 7 AM on a Saturday and said “Well someone is in a good mood.”

“Is that so weird?” I asked

“Guess not, just that I work every Saturday morning here and it seems like there is NEVER anyone in a good mood that comes in.” She laughed as she said that. “Not sure why.”

I smiled at her and said, “Maybe you should be the one to put them in good moods. Smile at them as if there was nowhere else you would rather be and no one else that you would rather be talking to at that time.”

I guess this comment took her by surprise because she just looked at me for a minute as if there was something growing out of my head, and then she laughed and said “I might just have to try that.”

“Couldn’t hurt” I responded. She thanked me for coming and wished me a “Great Day” and I went on my way. I don’t know about her, but by me changing my language and attitude for those brief moments really made me feel right. You see, that would have been WAY out of my comfort zone a little while back, but it just amazes me how being positive towards people changes EVERYTHING.

For those of you that are already signed up in iPAS2, the training is available under the PRO plan tab in the training screen, I highly recommend you check it out

For those of you that are not signed up or that have no idea what iPAS2 is, click HERE and then sign up for the 7 day risk free trial. It can be a life changer if you let it, especially if you allow it to remove all of those obstacles that are holding you back from where your destination really should be.

Make it a Great Day

Mark and Michelle Eaves

Learning to Focus – Thought For January 3, 2015



Step 1 = Learn

There is so much information out there, where the heck do you start?

Focus. It needs to be about focus. Find what you are passionate about, learn everything there is to know about it and then SHARE IT.

My original blog was called joatmon14. Joatmon is an acronym for jack of all trades, master of none. That is what I was. I knew a little bit about a lot of things, but not a lot about anything. No wonder I was lost.

What I have learned in the past month in Empower Network is that I need to focus. That I need to focus on improving ME first. That as I become a stronger person and as I continue to learn more, I will grow and prosper in EVERY area of my life.

I am starting to get the questions about “What the hell is Mark up to?” That’s good, no that is AWESOME! That means that I am changing. The Mark that everyone knew would not be reaching out to people. He would not be shooting a video of himself every morning, he would not be trying to make a name for himself in the online world. No, the Mark that everyone knew worked 12-14 hours a day, kept himself under the radar, hid from problems, and just tried to fit in to the gray world that people just exist in.

That is not enough anymore. I made some huge mistakes living that way, but I am done apologizing about what I used to be. I have made amends to those I have hurt and am willing to do so when the opportunity presents itself with others. Why would I want to mire in that crap any more?

I am supposed to write what I am passionate about. Life is what I am passionate about today. Learning how to get this message to others and at the same time be able to provide for my family the life that they DESERVE, the life that WE DESERVE!

My journey has just begun and it is going to be amazing. And the best part is that I am not going on this journey alone. I have already met so many people that have the same goals as me and we are all in this together.

It is so great to wake up in the morning and be excited about life, about what my day might bring, about the possibility of helping other people that are where I have been. Not sure how best to describe it, it is actually something that you have to live, and that is my goal, that is my passion….TO LIVE

Focusing on learning things that are going to help me grow, that are going to challenge me, that are going to help us in our new business, in our new life.

We are spending most of our time watching the training videos that are available to us through Empower Network and iPAS2, but we are also taking massive action. Be it blogging, social media, Craigslist and paid traffic. One thing we have learned right from the beginning is that it is better to get something out there that is not perfect, than it is to wait and try to make it perfect before we get it out there.

Faith without Action is worthless. Take action now, and then have faith that it is going to pay off in the end. Build that momentum and then keep at it. Resting on our laurels is no longer an option. Be a little bit better than we were yesterday, but not as good as we are going to be tomorrow.

Until next time…..TAKE ACTION in whatever you are doing, it is not going to just happen!

Mark and Michelle Eaves