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Perspective of Inequality

noun: inequality; plural noun: inequalities
  1. difference in size, degree, circumstances, etc.; lack of equality.
    Based on the definition of equality above, wouldn’t everyone feel inequality? And wouldn’t that be a good thing?
    I mean, why would we all want to live the exact same lives as anyone else? Why would we want to be held to the same standards as anyone else? And why would we want to be held to anyone else’s standards, except maybe God’s?!
    Of course this is simplifying things a whole lot, or is it? Yes, I do understand that there are people that live in circumstances not of their making and they have no way out of them. But there are also people that put themselves into situations even though they do have the ability to get themselves out of them, and those are the people that seem to complain the loudest.
    We all feel inequality at some point. Be it socially, emotionally or physically. The problem, in my opinion, is when we feel this inequality and, rather than trying to make a change in OURSELVES, we complain about what the other person has or is. We cannot change other people, no matter how hard we try.
    Trying to get others to change to make me feel better is not working, so it is up to me to change.
    Anyone else in?