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21 Day Blogging Challenge on Empower Network Starts tomorrow


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I am enrolled and loving all the training I am getting from Empower Network, not to mention how easy it is to set up a blog and get it online in minutes.

See you there


Hitting Bottom – Bouncing Back Thought For December 30


We have all hit a bottom at some point in our lives, some lower than others. Some MUCH lower than others.

But it doesn’t matter how low the bottom is, it doesn’t have to get any lower than it already is.

We always have options, some might not be as apparent as others, but they are there. I am speaking from experience here.

I’m sure you have heard all of the clichés about “picking yourself up by the bootstraps” or that it is “always darkest before the dawn”.

One thing that I have learned in my lifetime is that the easiest way to get yourself back up off the ground once you seem to be as low as you can be, is to ask for help.

Unfortunately pride tends to stand in the way of asking for anything sometimes, but getting past that pride is a MUST. Ego will always stand in the way.

“I can do it myself” are the some of the loneliest words that I know. I have said it way too many times. It took a proverbial dropkick to my head to finally get me to admit that I don’t have all the answers and that I needed some help, and since that day that I will remember for the rest of my life, it has gotten nothing but better!

I have been told that EGO stands for Easing God Out, which makes absolute sense to me. I tried to play God for a very long time, always trying to get the world to face the way that I was going. Life doesn’t work that way. Sometimes we need to change our outlook and our attitude in order to be able to live life on life’s terms.

Asking for help should not be hard, but I can tell you that it is, or at least it was. It takes practice just like anything else that one learns. It doesn’t happen overnight, but as it becomes a part of your outlook each day, that maybe there is a better way and it is NOT mine, it gets so much better. The weight of the world is lifted off of your shoulders.

Anyway, it took me to hit bottom pretty hard to see the error in my ways. But I AM bouncing back and part of my recovery is that I need to get out of myself and help others. And the funny part is, that when you start to help others, you’ll see more and more of like-minded people doing the same.

I know that we all read about and see news about bad people all the time, but I know that those are the exception, not the rule in this world. There are so many good people out there that are willing to help and that will support and be “in your corner”. Those are the people that I choose to hang around with these days.

And it is also amazing just where you find these people. I have several groups that I rely on for different parts of my life and my ultimate goal is to be able to pay these people back. And the best way (and only way) that these good people want to be paid back is for me to pay it forward. To help someone that is going through what I went through.

I am not going to go into details about these folks right here and now, but if you are interested in a life changing opportunity, please let me know in the comments and I will communicate directly with you.

Peace and Love always



Failure after Failure leads to Success


According to Wikipedia, Failure
is the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, and may be viewed as the opposite of success.

I don’t buy that. The opposite of success is NOT even trying.

I would rather try, and I mean really try, and fail than to not try at all. We sell ourselves short all the time.

“I can’t do that”…”it’s too hard”…”it’s not worth the effort”

Aren’t you tired of just existing? Of just doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? (that actually is the definition of insanity)

I am. If I fail….so what…at least I tried. Sitting on the sidelines and watching life pass me by can no longer be an option.

Now with all that being said, I am not a complete idiot. When something comes along that has a tried and proven method of success, of course I will be open-minded to learn that system and apply it, who wouldn’t? That is not being lazy, that is being smart.

If I am trying to lose weight and get in shape, why would I try to invent a new method of doing so? There is so much information out there that I can absorb and apply in order to change my lifestyle. And that is really what it is, a change in lifestyle.

If I am trying to build a bird house, same thing. Check out what others have done before me and come up with the best plan and then BUILD THE BIRD HOUSE. Gather knowledge and then apply it.

No difference in us building our own home business, right? Why would we start from scratch and read all about the thousands of different get rich quick schemes out there promising us miracle results when there is something better available?

We have found something that is proven to work. It is a complete system, a complete business solution that allows people to jump in and just START BUILDING. I have had many work at home “training courses” that sent me videos to watch or pdf documents to read with the promise that if I just do what they tell me, that I can make a lot of money. And then they disappear.

What we have found is completely different. It is a community of people that have come together from all walks of life that are real. We talk to them regularly. We learn from them all the time. We support each other and encourage each other and celebrate each other’s successes and when we occasionally fail, and we do, we are there to pick each other up and encourage them not to give up. That this SYSTEM works!

We would love to have you join us, to see what I am talking about. To feel the excitement of waking up looking forward to working on our business. I can honestly say that I have never felt this way before.

It is not a get rich scheme, there are no promises that we are going to become gazillionaires overnight. But whether you are looking for a little extra spending money or some help to pay the monthly bills, or you are looking to work from home, be your own boss and live the lifestyle that you choose, this system works.

But it is up to you. There is a 7 day trial period, if it is not for you then you just walk away at no cost to you, other than a few hours of your time watching 5 videos that explain the system in detail.

Our information is below if you would like to reach out to us with any questions or concerns, we would be glad to answer as best we can and if we don’t know the answer, we will find you the answer.

Change STARTS NOW, failure is to never start at all

Mark and Michelle Eaves

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Skype – mark.eaves14


Mark – An Update

Went away for the Holiday weekend, but we are back.

I have been posting something that I worked on a few months back that I have been wanting to get back to, but never made the time. It is called Green River Road. It is a story about a young man trying to find his way out of something that he really is not sure how he got into. You can click HERE if you want to read the story so far, there are links in the story going back to the beginning. A new chapter will be published on December 4th.

Up until now, I have been mostly following the Daily Prompt when writing on my blog, which is perfectly fine and might be something that I will want to get back to, but that was not why I started my blog. Up at the top there, it says “joatmon14 – trying to figure it out”. For those of you that don’t know, joatmon is an acronym which stands for Jack Of All Trades Master Of None. Something that I have been using for a while now, mostly because I am pretty good at many things, but not extremely good at any….in my opinion. 14 is in reference to my all-time favorite baseball player and my hero since I was a kid, Ernie Banks. “Trying To Figure It Out” is what I was trying to do when I started this back in June, and for the most part still am and always will be.

I say that because the world is an ever changing place, and if I am not learning, growing and changing then I feel like I will be left behind. This world has so much to offer and I want mine.

I still plan on posting here as much as I can for now, but I am still trying to keep up with 2 websites and that still doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t know what is holding me back from just having one all-encompassing blog, but I need to figure it out.

Listening to people lately, it is clear to me that I still have not found my voice. I had been doing something called “An Ignorant View” which is where I took the top story from Google News, read up on it for exactly one hour and then formed MY OWN opinion on it and wrote about it. I am going to get back to that because I really need to have MY OWN opinions on issues, plus I feel that it is important to stay informed, even when all the news seems to be bad news. I believe that ignorance is just a lack of knowledge. It does not mean that I am stupid in any way, just that I have been lazy about keeping informed. This is going to be featured on my blog which is where this current web site is going to migrate to by the end of the year (just made that decision in my head right now)

In the last 6 months, I have discovered that I truly enjoy writing and there are some options out there that I am looking to pursue. Another of my passions is music, and has been for a very long time. I am going to start going through my catalog of music and share some of the songs that never got any notoriety, but in my opinion are great songs. Most of them tell a story and I will share as much as I know or can learn.

I am also going to be searching and reading up on health concerns, seeing that I will be turning 50 very soon, I know that I could and should be leading a much healthier lifestyle. Be it recipes, or exercises, activities that I would like to try or have tried, and any other topic that comes up along the way. This includes living in recovery from several addictions that have actually been a blessing in my life. If I had not become aware of just how bad that they had become, I probably would not be trying to get better.

I also enjoy writing Fiction and plan to continue to do so. So an occasional Daily Prompt might still be in order, or…….who knows what lurks in this head ‘o’ mine.

So, that is where I am at this point, there are still some question marks that will be answered in the near future, but no matter what happens I know that God has my back. In fact I know now that He always has, the problem was, and always has been, me.

See Ya!


I’m Working!

It is so good to be working again, regardless of what the job is. One thing I have learned is that nothing should be considered “beneath me”.

It took a long time for someone to give me a chance, for someone not to think that I am “overqualified” to be making an hourly wage. Yes, it is very much below what I used to make, but it is a lot more than I have been making these last few months. I have been saying all along that all I needed was a chance to get my foot in the door, I have that chance and I am going to make the most of it. My feet hurt, my legs hurt, my arms hurt, but believe it or not it feels good. I had not realized how soft I had become. Of course we spent the last couple weeks cleaning out our old house to put it on the market, so my whole family is pretty sore right now.

Was thinking last night as I talked to one of my new bosses, in fact he is the owner’s father who is supposedly retired but spends an awful lot of time at work, about the hiring process and just how different it is from the other side. For 20 years I was hiring people and interviewing them regularly, and many, many times we would come to the conclusion that the candidate was “overqualified”, regardless of what they said about wanting to step back and just start fresh. Made me wonder how many good people I passed up because we figured that they would only stick around until they found something better. I can sure understand their frustration of being passed over, or not even getting an interview because of your past history and level of employment achieved.

Anyway, I am very grateful for this opportunity, and will be even more grateful when I don’t have to walk like I just got off a friggin’ horse….

Until next time…Enjoy Life


Losing It

Been thinking about this all day. If the world lost all color except for one, what would it be?

It is not about just not seeing colors to me, it would be about losing the ability to see all the colors that I once saw. The changing of leaves in the fall, a sunset over a body of water, or a field of wildflowers blowing in the wind. None of those would ever be the same. One argument that came to me was “what about the poor people that are color blind?” As unfortunate as that is, they really have no way of knowing what they are missing. I inserted the song above because it is what came to mind when (over) thinking about this, “Sadder still to watch it die, than never to have known it….”

It is not about picking one color, it is about a change. Ask the dancer that can no longer dance, or the actor that can no longer remember their lines, or the athlete that just can’t keep up. Look into the eyes of an elder who is searching for the answers that they used to be able to give at the drop of the hat. Or an animal struggling to be able to even get to their feet any more. It is sad.

Like I said, I am sure I overanalyzed this way too much, but change is hard. Very hard. Looking at what you once had and knowing that it is gone……do not like that feeling at all.

So back to the question, what color would I choose?

I think what I would miss most is the color of the fields of green grass, of the many, many shades of trees in a woods while walking down a path. If I had to choose, and even though if asked I would probably not think to say green is my favorite color, probably because I have been saying blue my entire life, but I believe it would have to be green.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, weather has been beautiful here and driving and looking at the trees this morning really made up my mind for me.



I’d Speed It Up

Good news — another hour has just been added to every 24-hour day (don’t ask us how. We have powers). How do you use those extra sixty minutes?

My standard response would be to come up with something clever (at least in my head) to say about how adding an hour wouldn’t matter as I would do the same crap, just more of it, or that it would throw off the whole space-time balance and we would all end up without gravity and that would not be a good thing. (I don’t know if that is true as I just made it up)

But all that is changing now, I will take that extra hour please.

There is so much out there that I enjoy reading, but I never seem to have enough time. So many good blogs, good articles, good books, information/educational reading that I have purchased to help me in my next career endeavor. Just way too much that it gets frustrating when I don’t get around to reading what I want to read.

So after much thought (at least 2.5 minutes), I figured it out. I am going to use that hour to improve my reading speed. That seems to be the logical choice to me. I have several books about speed reading, but I haven’t read them yet. I have a computer program that is supposed to be able to triple my reading speed by the time I am done with it. I bought it two years ago and I think I just finished lesson 7.

So for all of you that do not think that they need the extra hour, please go ahead and send it my way. I’ll use it.

At Least Be Professional

“I’m down here!” I want to scream as the young girl at the drive-thru window looks everywhere except at me as she holds out my change. I purposely hold my hand out low so that she has to actually look to give me the $2.27 back from the ten dollar bill I handed to her, while looking at her I might add. She finally looks down and places the money in my hand and looks at me as if I was a major inconvenience to her bird watching or sightseeing or whatever it is she is doing (Other than her job). I look at her, waiting and hoping that she will at least say thank you, but she doesn’t. So I do, even though I am supposedly the customer and that I am paying her place of employment for services rendered. In my world, saying thank you to a customer is appropriate, but apparently not in other’s worlds.

So I drive up to window #2 to see 3 employees standing around talking to each other, laughing and carrying on. Finally one of them opens the little window and asks “What did you order?” Seriously? Isn’t that your job to know what I ordered and get said items, neatly pack them in a handy dandy bag along with some freaking napkins, and hand them to me with my drink of choice at which time you tell me to have a good day, or thank me and ask me to come again, or at the very least LOOK AT ME and nod your head or something? So I tell them what I ordered and they look up at the little TV screen that they have, close the window and give me some much needed privacy. I assume that is what they are doing because I just sit there. Sometimes they are even nice enough to let me pull up to the specially marked spaces while I get that much needed privacy, until eventually they will bring me my food, while looking off in the same area that the first girl was looking at. I look over but never see anything of interest, I want to know what I am missing over there. Must be good because everyone is looking!

Eating inside a fast food restaurant is not any better. Then you have to look at the entire herd(?), colony(?), brood(?), army(?) of liked dressed human beings doing their very best to pretend that you do not exist. Talking amongst themselves like it was 4 PM in the high school parking lot, talking about whatever it is they talk about. I actually sat in an establishment once (I refuse to call it a restaurant) with my teenage son and had to listen as the young (ahem) ladies behind the counter were going on about who was having sexual intercourse (Not the actual term that they used) and which of their acquaintances is willing to perform oral sex on the young boys in their clique. Where was the manager you ask? She was back in the office, leaning back in the chair with the door closed talking on the phone.

Maybe it is the 25+ years that I have managed people and businesses, but this really bothers me. If it makes me a snob, then so be it. I realize that fast food employees earn low wages, but they knew that when they signed up for the job. And yes, I do realize that some people sometimes have no other option but to take these low paying jobs just to try to make ends meet, but that does not mean that they cannot be good employees. If you are that miserable at a job, then you need to find somewhere else to work, hopefully at a place that does not deal with the public. This is the job you signed up for, be professional about it. One lesson I learned when I was a teenager working at Popeye’s Chicken that has stuck with me up until today. I was in the back seasoning chicken and one of the managers came back and was talking to me.

“How many cases of chicken do you think you can season in an hour” he asked.

“I dunno, maybe two” was my reply.

“Well, a professional chicken seasoner can season three cases in an hour”

I looked at him as if he was crazy. “I’m not a professional chicken seasoner.”

“Are you getting paid to do this job?” he inquired with a grin on his face

“Well. . . .yeah”

“Then you are a professional chicken seasoner”

That made absolute sense to me. If you get hired to do a job and they are paying you for services rendered, then YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL. That is the definition of it.

The sad part is that I kept going back to these establishments, mostly out of convenience, but also as I am learning because of my addiction to food. It is so easy just to drive through one of these fast food places and order whatever it is that they are selling. I think I am saving time, but am I? Been doing a lot of reading and writing about it on my new blog “Starts At 50”, the latest post talks about food addictions and convenient foods, take a look and let me know what you think.

I am making an effort to avoid eating out at all, but especially at a fast food “restaurants”. It does me no good to go there other than to feed another addiction.

So with all this being said, since you took the time to read my ramblings, I would like to look you straight in the eyes and say THANK YOU VERY MUCH

Have a blessed day


Time Machine

Got one of those direct mail marketing cards in the mail the other day, with a “Once in A Lifetime Offer.” Couldn’t resist. Turned it over and started reading.

Evidently I was the winner of a time machine. Apparently this company had been developing this for years and finally had the breakthrough (Picture Christopher Lloyd in Back To The Future) and was giving away one of two models, and somehow my name had been chosen. Here was the catch. It was a one way time machine, could only either go into the past, or go into the future. But there was no coming back from either, you had to stay there.

So I thought about it for maybe half of a second. Going to the future did not make sense to me, I’m pushing 50 as it is now (Which is NOT old!!) and have a lot of good things that are going to happen to me in the near future, why would I want to miss them all?

So the only option then was going to the past. But is that really an option? Why would I want to go back in time and relive anything? Although if I was to go back in the past, and keep all of the memories that I have now, just think of the sports bets that I could win, or to be able to invest in Microsoft or Google when they first opened their doors. Interesting to say the least.

But then I thought about it some more. I have so much going for me right now at this very moment in time, even though to some looking from the outside in might question that statement, why would I want to lose it?

I have been taught that we all have to go through EVERYTHING that we have been through to get to be the person that we are today, Nothing was an accident. There is a plan, and it is not ours.

It is not worth any amount of money to give up what I have right now, if you had talked to me a year ago, my answer might have been different, but not today.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. . . .that is why they call it the PRESENT.

I looked at the card and smiled, then ripped it up and threw it in the garbage.

No thanks. . . .I’m good

This Time?

Am reblogging this post from early August in response to the Daily Prompt’s question about airport terminals and such


He sits alone, thinking, wondering.

‘It seems so simple. Seems like it is common sense.’

‘Then why is it so hard sometimes. Why can’t I just say the things I want to say and just do the things I want to do, the things that I know that I should do.’

He shakes his head and looks up, his flight is delayed by an hour. He holds a book in his hands but he isn’t reading it. He is thinking, wondering.

‘I need to change, I need to do things differently. I could be doing so much more if I tried, I know that. I could be a better husband, a better father, a better son, a better person.’

The voice over the loudspeaker announces that flight 1356 will be boarding in 20 minutes.

‘Finally. I hate traveling. No, I hate inconveniences. I hate when things don’t go the way…

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