Green River Road – 1732

Green River Road

II   Green River Road – 1708

III   Green River Road – The Maldonados

IV  Green River Road – 1716

V   Green River Road – Walker

VI   Green River Road – 1724

VII  Green River Road – The Hensons

VIII  Green River Road – Maty

IX  Green River Road – Andersons

Maty stayed on his knees, in front of that door for a very long time. He is tired, he is confused, he is angry and he is scared. He just wants to get away from this street, away from these houses, away from this voice.

He doesn’t understand what is going on, why he is here, what he needs to do. He just knows that no matter how hard he tries, he can’t get away and seemingly no one knows he is there. These damn houses that appear when he walks up to them, what do they mean? What is he supposed to find in them?

When he tries to get away, that damn voice keeps telling him that he has to help these people, that he must find the answer. The answer to what? He stands and makes his way to the street, not knowing what to expect next or which way to turn. Last thing he remembers is being in Doug’s Mustang, making a delivery. Next thing he knew he was standing on this block of burned out, broken down houses.


He freezes, looking around frantically, did he hear something? Someone saying his name? Or is that just his imagination playing with his head again?

“Maty!” It was louder this time, someone is calling his name. He looks around some more, runs to the street looking all around. Nothing, just like before. He turns and runs back to the house that he had just left, number 1732, Heather Anderson was the name he had heard when he went in.

“Hello? Who’s there? Where are you?”

“Maty, can you hear me?”

“Yes! For Christ sake yes! I’m here! Help me!” Maty yells out.

“Maty, we need you to help us here, we need you to stay strong and fight this. Can you hear me?” It is definitely a female voice, but he did not recognize it.

“Fight this? Fight what?”

Maty stands and waits for a response, but there is nothing but silence. He doesn’t understand what any of this means and what exactly he is supposed to fight. He needs to find a phone, he walks over to the door and tries the door knob again, but it is locked. Each house that he had visited has been stranger than the one before it seems, he really doesn’t want to find the next house because God only knows what might be waiting for him there. Then he hears a sound. A low, muffled, rumbling noise coming from the direction of the street. It’s a car. He runs to the street.

There, right in front of the walkway he just emerged from is Doug’s Mustang. The car that he had been driving when all of this started. He runs to the driver side door and tries to open it, but it is locked. “Dammit!” Maty blurts out, pounding his fist on top of the car. He runs around to the passenger side, it’s locked. Just then, an explosion of glass flies up all around Maty, the windshield and rear window disintegrate into small shards of glass, as if they have been shot out from inside the car. Maty covers his head to try to avoid the flying glass, when the side windows also shatter into small pellets of glass, raining down all around Maty.

Once he can’t feel the pieces of glass hitting him anymore, he opens his eyes and looks at the car. It is empty, no one inside, but the engine is still running. His cell phone is sitting in one of the cup holders in the center console, right where he had left it. He starts to reach for it, but draws his arm back just in time as the top of the car smashes down, as if something very heavy has just fallen on the car.

“Shit! No!” Maty stares at the car in disbelief as the front end starts crumbling into twisted metal, and then the back end. It is as if two walls were pressing on opposite sides of the car, turning it into an accordion. All he can do is watch as the car is somehow being demolished right in front of his eyes by some invisible force.

“What’d you do Maty?” Came a voice from behind him. Maty turns around quickly to see Doug standing there, with a gun pointing right at Maty’s head.

“Doug! Oh thank God you..” Maty says excitedly but is cut off.

“Shut Up! What did you do man? What happened to the package? I need the package I gave you!”

“What?” Maty looks at his friend. “What pack…..” Suddenly he feels a burning pain in his left shoulder, Doug looks at him, cocking the gun, readying it for another shot.

“Next time it is between the eyes, now where is the fucking package?” Doug stares coldly at Maty, barely moving, barely blinking.

“I don’t know. It was in the trunk where you put it.” Maty turns and looks at the destroyed Mustang sitting in the street. “I never took it out, I hadn’t made it to Burlington when…..”

“When what?” Doug demands.

“When things started going to hell. I ended up on this street and had no way of getting out and……wait, how did you get here?” Maty looks up at Doug as he pulls the trigger on the gun that is pointing right between Maty’s eyes. Everything seemed to go into slow motion as the hammer starts to move forward on the pistol, and then… Maty just stares at the gun, frozen in fear. “No man, it isn’t my fault. I don’t know how I got here and don’t know how to get away.”

Click. “Shit!” Doug yells and moves toward Maty. Maty turns and starts to run down the street, clutching at his wounded shoulder as he does. He runs away from the house at 1732 Green River Road toward the direction of the next house. His mind is racing a thousand miles per hour at this point, trying to figure out whether he wants to head in the direction of a new house, or if it is better to stop and try to reason with his friend who was acting crazy right now. Maty stops and puts his left hand up in the air, having lost feeling in his right arm by now.

“OK. Man, I can’t do this anymore. If you want to shoot me over that damn package then go ahead. I’d rather be dead than to stay here. I don’t know what happened to get me here, or why your car looks the way it does or where the package is, but I just can’t do this shit anymore.” Maty waits for Doug to say something, or for footsteps or something, but it is deathly quiet. Slowly he turns around to where Doug and the car are, but they are gone. There is nothing left, no Doug, no gun, no car. Maty just stares up the street, tears running down his face.

He turns and walks toward the next house.

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