Does it Matter?

Sometimes I wonder what the difference is, fact or fiction.

Sometimes what was in my mind, and only in my mind, was as real as could be.

A story is a story, whether it is true or false. If it is a good story, then does it matter?

2 examples:

Young man sits in his room, wondering what is going to happen next. He had already written a good bye letter to his parents and held it in the mail slot, it slipped from his fingers and he knew that it meant the end. That he could not go on living after that. So he sits and stares at the two bottles of sleeping pills that he had walked to the store in the middle of the night just to purchase. No one said anything as he checked out at the store, no one stopped him as he walked back to his room in a drunken stupor, knowing that he was doomed. Life had spun completely out of control for him, he had alienated all of his friends, had lied to his family so that they would not worry about him, and he had now been stealing from others just to try to sustain his chosen lifestyle. He was trapped in a world of lies and did not know how to get out of it. . . . . .

Young man sits in his room watching the clock, waiting for the mail carrier to arrive to deliver the letter that he had been waiting for, the one that was going to change his life forever. This time he knew that it was going to turn out OK. He had worked so hard for this opportunity and just knew that he was going to be accepted this time. All the struggles and hard work was going to pay off for him, all the time away from his family and friends in this lonely place, was all going to pay off now. He had worked several jobs so that he could put money away so that when this chance came, he was going to be ready. He heard the mail truck pull up outside and sprung to his feet. Before the mail could be put in the box, he was there asking for it with a big, hopeful smile on his face. It was there, the letter that was going to change his life. He held it out, reading the name on the envelope. Taking a deep breathe, he slid one finger under the flap and started to open it . . . .

Two stories, one of them fiction, one of them non-fiction. I’ll let you decide which one is which. My point is that if a story is good, whether it is fiction or non-fiction, then it is worth reading. That is my take on the Daily Prompt asking if we like Fiction or Non-Fiction books and why. I love to read and I love a great story, period.

Have a great Monday


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Man in recovery from everything, looking for a little help, inspiration and direction.... Have spent the last 25 years working in big business, getting lost in all the chaos, not feeling like what I did mattered. By no means am I a professional writer nor do I even think I am that good, but it is something I love to do. Getting lost in a world of words, even for just a little while is why I started my blogs. In reality, at the age of 49 I am trying to find my voice. To find my passion. Maybe starting a little late, but better late than never. I write for me, I enjoy reading other's thoughts very much as well and look forward to the day that I can hold an extended, intelligent, meaningful conversation with YOU View all posts by joatmon14

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