Grandpa Bill

Seems like nobody was impressed with the daily prompt this morning, where it just asked us to write about anything we want for exactly 10 minutes. I am kind of glad it did. Below is a post that my beautiful wife put on Facebook this morning from up near Detroit. I know that Michelle is going to read this because she reads all of my posts but I have already gotten permission from her to write about anything because “we have nothing to hide.”

Michelle Habedank Eaves
My awesome grandfather Frederick Adler passed away early this morning. He was at peace. He was 97 and earned a lot of medals in World War 2 but he was awarded a bronze star for saving the lives of 2 or 3 of his guys amidst gun fire from the enemy. He was my hero. Thank you for all of your prayers. They were truly felt and greatly appreciated. I love all of you.
Grandpa Bill was a great guy, always there with a witty comment that just made everyone laugh out loud. He loved his family and they loved him and always will. I know that my wife is very sad right now and wishes that she could have been there at the nursing home when he moved on, but I promise that Grandpa knew that she was there. God was and is with him and has him in his arms and has probably already reunited him with his wife and their daughter up in heaven and I am pretty sure that they are having macaroni, cheese and tomatoes for dinner tonight.
Grandpa was a war hero, he was a hero to everyone of us that enjoys our freedom in America, but he never liked to talk about it. What amazing humility in my opinion. I am very thankful that I was able to have him a part of my life for the last 20 years and I promise that I will do everything in my power to take care of his precious granddaughter and his great-grandkids, just like he took care of his own.
Michelle, I love you and I will see you very soon. This timer is going much faster than I thought it would. 10 minutes seems like forever until you only have 10 minutes to do something.
Anyway, my prayers are up in Fraser, Michigan today and it would mean a lot to me for the people of Blogopolis to be able to send theirs up to the family as well. If not, that’s OK too.
Time is up, went way too fast. Kind of a metaphor for life, huh?
Leaving you with a picture of Michelle and Grandpa Bill.
Love to all
Michelle and Grandpa

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