No Mirrors? This could be bad!

No mirrors? All the mirrors in the world are just gone?

First thought, wouldn’t bother me, I really only look in the mirror in the morning when I am brushing what is left of my hair. And I could laugh at all the people that cannot walk by a mirror without looking to see if they look perfect. Man, that would be funny.

Then I would get myself ready to leave the house, get in the car, look in the rear-view……ummm……crap. No mirrors. It’s OK, I can do this. Pop a Dream Theater CD in and…….nothing. What the??? Wonder what is wrong with the stereo?

Pull out of the driveway turning my body to make sure I can see any cars or people walking since I don’t have mirrors, first thought is that Chiropractors are going to love cars without mirrors! Stop at the gas station to get something to drink, sure seems like everyone is in a real bad mood this morning. Stop to look at the morning paper and notice something different. It has no pictures, only words. At the bottom of the front page there is a note saying that pictures are no longer available. Something about all of the paper’s cameras malfunctioning. That’s weird.

Drive down the street and see a bunch of people standing in the parking lot at the University. Pull up and get out of my car to see what is going on. Just a bunch of people standing there with blank expressions.

“What’s going on?” I inquired.

“They shut us down. The entire science department is done.” a white lab coat carrying, bespectacled man replied.


He looked at me as if I was a complete idiot and said “All the mirrors are gone! No more microscopes, lasers or telescopes, can’t continue our research so they shut it all down.” He walked away shaking his head.

Really never had thought about all the uses of mirrors other than as a vain person’s personal grooming tool. This is bad. I drove down the street and looked over to see a “Closed For Business” sign being hung outside the local movie theater. Next door to that is the trucking terminal with a padlock on the gate in front. Can’t drive a truck without mirrors.

Streets are basically empty, which is good for me because I do not feel safe without my mirrors. No trucks on the road, or school buses. This is bad.

When I first thought about a world without mirrors, I didn’t think it would be that bad, I found some quotes about mirrors and how the absence of them would make people look at their inner beauty and inner peace instead of worrying about what their appearance was. People can still do that, with or without mirrors. But the world has evolved into a mirror reliant society it seems.

Sure, people can live without mirrors, but we would lose so much more than not being able to look at ourselves, don’t think that I would wish for it

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