Awkward Silence


Why do they have to be so difficult? Well, not always, but most of the time.

I get to a point in the conversation where I start wondering what the other person is thinking, and that is pretty much the kiss of death. We were talking, good stuff, back and forth, a little bit of laughing, some head nodding, and then. . . .[silence] . . .eye contact straining to stay together. . . .don’t look down, don’t look down.

At that point my mind goes in a thousand different directions. Who is supposed to talk next? What should I talk about to start a new string of words flowing? What is he thinking about? He thinks I am boring, doesn’t he? He probably needs to be somewhere else right now. He probably wants to be somewhere else right now.

Hold it together man. There has got to be something else to talk about. That 3 seconds of silence seems to take an eternity, I read where the best way to keep a conversation going is to talk about what the other person likes, what he is passionate about. OK, . . . nothing.

Some people are great at having long conversations, I apparently am not one of them. But I’ll keep trying, kinda don’t have a choice being a human being and all.

Just trying to figure it all out.

About joatmon14

Man in recovery from everything, looking for a little help, inspiration and direction.... Have spent the last 25 years working in big business, getting lost in all the chaos, not feeling like what I did mattered. By no means am I a professional writer nor do I even think I am that good, but it is something I love to do. Getting lost in a world of words, even for just a little while is why I started my blogs. In reality, at the age of 49 I am trying to find my voice. To find my passion. Maybe starting a little late, but better late than never. I write for me, I enjoy reading other's thoughts very much as well and look forward to the day that I can hold an extended, intelligent, meaningful conversation with YOU View all posts by joatmon14

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