My Special Day??

Daily Prompt wants us to talk about our birthday celebrations.

Unfortunately I really don’t have much to talk about here. Never was big into birthday celebrations. Even as a kid never had those big blowout parties or really wanted to. I see too many birthday parties that were supposed to be for the kids turn into the parent’s reason for having a party. Never understood the reasoning behind buying a keg of beer for your kid’s party, unless of course it wasn’t about the kid.

To me, spending time with people that honestly love me, seeing a movie, or just going about my day like it is any other day is just fine with me. My promise to everyone is that I will never be the one to announce that it is your birthday to a room full of strangers that really don’t give a $h!t, just to embarrass you or to have something embarrassing done to you just so that we can all laugh at you, BECAUSE I DO NOT WANT IT DONE TO ME!! 🙂

The way I see it, 99% of the people that are reading this have already missed the first 49 of my “special days” and I am OK with that. I’ve missed all of yours too. Doesn’t change a thing.

A birthday is a special thing and you should spend it with people that you enjoy, doing things that you enjoy. Other than that it is just another day, just another blessing from God like the 364 other days of the year.

If today is your birthday, then happy birthday. If it isn’t, I hope you still have an awesome day!

See ya

About joatmon14

Man in recovery from everything, looking for a little help, inspiration and direction.... Have spent the last 25 years working in big business, getting lost in all the chaos, not feeling like what I did mattered. By no means am I a professional writer nor do I even think I am that good, but it is something I love to do. Getting lost in a world of words, even for just a little while is why I started my blogs. In reality, at the age of 49 I am trying to find my voice. To find my passion. Maybe starting a little late, but better late than never. I write for me, I enjoy reading other's thoughts very much as well and look forward to the day that I can hold an extended, intelligent, meaningful conversation with YOU View all posts by joatmon14

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