Just don’t understand….part I

Write about a loss: something (or someone) that was part of your life, and isn’t any more.

It hasn’t been that long, has it? I swear it was just here, I just had it.

How is it possible that something that you have lived, something that you have done for so long could just up and leave like that. Something that has driven you your whole life, has always been there when you needed him…just vanish? Why? I don’t understand.

Now what do I do? How do I go on? Who is going to guide me? Who is going to help me make decisions or get me out of trouble when I get in so deep that I just give up? You have been with me for over 30 years and now you are gone, just like that.

Well, how should I feel? Just let it go and “move on” with my life?

Man, we had some good times, didn’t we? We went everywhere together, we did some crazy things. Remember that time in the church parking lot at 7 AM on a Saturday? Remember sitting in a corn field somewhere in Central Illinois watching the sun set over the fields? Remember those times we got caught and ended up in jail? Man we were crazy. How can you just up and leave me after all we have done? I just don’t understand……

About joatmon14

Man in recovery from everything, looking for a little help, inspiration and direction.... Have spent the last 25 years working in big business, getting lost in all the chaos, not feeling like what I did mattered. By no means am I a professional writer nor do I even think I am that good, but it is something I love to do. Getting lost in a world of words, even for just a little while is why I started my blogs. In reality, at the age of 49 I am trying to find my voice. To find my passion. Maybe starting a little late, but better late than never. I write for me, I enjoy reading other's thoughts very much as well and look forward to the day that I can hold an extended, intelligent, meaningful conversation with YOU View all posts by joatmon14

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